Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Horrors of Insti Hospi

Ahh well...long time!! i have just turned 22 and i remembered that i had a decided to get back to it and saw this very old post.. so lemme complete it for ya.!!

this is a real life incident and its about the FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond All Repair/ Recognition) hospi at IITM...

it was the summer of '09 (hell yeah!!) and i was happily making hay while the sun shone..well, i meant i was doing my ddp and since the campus was clean of shit like Btechs, Freshies and MAs, it was a wonderful feeling. I had quit smoking for like a month and it was all going good..
One day, out of no where, I get this real bad know, the "What the Fuck shit asshole man??!!" types.. It was tearing my head apart and adding to my incoherency levels.. So i go to this insti hospi and they, fortunately or unfortunately, realize that i was too fucking dehydrated and they take me in.. I felt like, WOW!!!
then they put me on the glucose and gave a nice comfortable room.. I was hoping to get well soon and get out and go do my project in like 2 days..
and since i was on that liquids and couldn't move around, i slept like 14 hrs a day or more..
after 4 long days of being kumbakarana, i still was not relieved of the god damned headache.. then i realized that i was being given 6 to 8 paracetamol tablets for 4 days... it is quite obvious that when you take such large amounts of antipyretics, you will have a controlled body temp. Then i realized i am gonna die, so i packed my bags and got on a flight to hyd. I was taken to a hospi directly from the airport and believe it or not, a huge, fat guy like me fell unconscious.. my blood pressure dropped to like 100/80 or something and i crashed like for a whole day.. then i was told i had a mild bacterial meningitis and a one day delay would have ensured me a place on the walls of my house and a rose flower every morning!! wow!! it would have been so awesome thanks to the FUCKED UP shit hole called IIT HOSPITAL.
Earlier, in my first year, they gave us an option of taking either the red pill or the blue pill (much like the "Publish Post" and "Save Now" button on this page)...
nowadays, they give you a capsule with a half blue cover and a half red cover.. so avoid that place.. dont hate yourself so much.. !!
I have a letter from the good "God Doc" who treated me and pulled me down from climbing the wall testifying my story..
so please don't go to iit hospi, its cheap death!!

I am not cribbing...I am warning you.. If you still insist and go there, make sure you keep shouting at the staff there.. ask them to test you for all the shit you suspect..
Be a Batman!!

P.S: I really did not expect me to write something on a serious issue.. Nevertheless, it is good to know real life stories.

Take Care.!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rest In Peace - Curd

This post is written in memory of a very happy junior called Curd whom I have known through a few conversations at Uncle shop in tarams.
The very fact that he left this world on his birthday has hit everyone like a bolt of lightning.
It was 9'o clock in the morning, and I was having breakfast in the mess when Harami and Bobo tell me that Curd has had a cardiac arrest. I initially thought it was some small thing which was blown out of proportion by insti junta. But then, it did not feel like a rumour or something. It felt real. I called a few people and found out that the incident did happen and that we lost a nice guy like Curd.
So, I go to the insti hospi to see if there is any help that his friends would need.
In the hospi, there are 2 nurses and a dumb fuck doc whom I hate. I ask the nurse what happened and the reply goes like this: "That boy aaa!! He got cardiac arrest. He expired. All you students gave bumps and he expired". Now, how can one get an heart attack just by taking b'day bumps?!!! The fucked up bastards of the insti hospi had to say that. They had to blame it coz they had to cover up for the sleeping ambulance driver. A bullock cart can travel 2kms in 20 mins, so why the fuck did the ambulance driver take 30 mins. What the fuck is wrong with this IIT administration?!! They had to transfer the blame onto students. He got bumps at 12, then he ate his birthday cake and had fun with his friends for an hour. So are these idiot dumbfucks telling me that all this while the impact of the b'day bumps was travelling through his body, trying to find his heart??!! Ridiculous.
And moreover, how many of his friends knew the first aid procedures during an heart attack?!! Do they even know that there is a first aid procedure for a heart attack?? All we know now is that he is not here anymore. All we know that his parents will never get over the loss of their son on his 20th birthday. All we know is that his friends will never forget what happened to him, especially those who carried him to the ground floor.
And what we don't know is that the insti hospital is a graveyard. And what we don't know is that this incident will be forgotten by many and especially the admin in 2 days. And what we don't know is that this will happen again to some other kid in this very insti. And what we can never know and never learn is to fight back the admin.

Rest in peace ra curd. You have been a nice guy, always. I can never forget your smiling face I used to see almost everyday while going/coming back from tarams.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Well, you all people watching the movies.. it is a goodest thingy to do..
but.. do you understander that is the entertainment business.. do you people are the realize that you are the watching of a movie to getting the entertainment??!!!
why do you having to get into details like screenplay and direction etc if you don't are knowing anything about the thingys,,,??!!
watching movie.. 2 to 3 hours of your precious lifetime (can be utilized on beeryani instead..) spended in a closed enclosure with pin drip silence.. watching it.. you feeling good? it is a good movie.. else.. it is the thuu movie... simpull no yaar.. why do you care if rancho is an idiot or not.. all is mattering if you enjoyed the 3 hr or not.. ok no??
next timing,.. you watching movie, make it the sure that you don't give a damn about directiion or producsion.... or whatever thingys... trying to enjoy.. if yes, good movie.. else the thuuu movie..
khel khatam, dukaan bandh.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Destructive God

A long long time ago, a sage wrote a story. He made himself a character of that book and penned it down as though he was recollecting his past. Today that book has been made a religion...
In 1997, J.K.Rowling's Harry Potter was published. And little children were fascinated by it. They thought they could do what Mr. Potter could. There was lot of money made from that character called Harry Potter and a movie was also made based on that book. This time around, things were different. Only little children looked up to Mr. Potter. But when the so called Religious books were released by whatsoever means, everyone was fascinated and thus was born religion.
The human race went mad over this phenomenon called god. A few people preferred to call themselves Atheists but hell it doesn't matter because an Atheist has basically thought about God. So by denying that he doesn't believe in the existance of God, he is actually saying he searched for him.
And when there were rumors in school that God himself would descend upon this Earth and destroy humans, I did not know what it meant.
I was infact happy that we will get to see this thing called God.
Unfortunately, he came about only in a few places where we humans in the name of God, killed each other. Now this is what probably is referred to as Armageddon in the New Testament.
Now, it is certain to me that we all will die and it will be in the name of God. But no God shall descend on this "god-damned" earth. It will be the humans. The fanatics, lunatics, psychos call them what you will. But we all will be destroyed by our madness, by our technology, by our intelligence.
As you can see, the so called holy thing called God is being dragged onto roads in the name of processions, using loud speakers for prayers and blah blah shit.
Tell me you believers of God, is your God fucking deaf!! Does he really need loud speakers to hear your prayers??!! Does he really need an office called temple/mosque/church/....??!! Does he really need so much money, money which we humans made to make trade easy??!! Does he really need so much of purity??!! I have seen people take bath and go to their religious places of worship but tell me, do you not stare at something like a beautiful woman or a macho man??!! Is this what you call fucking clean!!?? With all the things your religion describes as unholy, you walk into that place of worship and pray to your god over microphones. Do you really need to show off your devotion towards God??!! If he so powerful, if he is omnipotent, if he can see whats in you, do you really need to show it off??!! God is just a belief, a hope, a confidence and technically speaking, a magnificent concept. But we humans are always good at finding holes and loop holes and how sad fuckly we have changed this religion over and over again!! We just raped the shit out of religion and humanity. We can't think beyond God. We can't even spare a thought about a fellow human's suffering and misery. We say its his destiny and that he did bad things in his previous life. But are you not doing a bad thing by not helping him.
We have set so many double standards in our society today that we are losing our basic freedom of expression and of thought. We have hyped things so much that they have become sins. Sex is an example worth mentioning here. The kind of hype it has been given over the past in our country, especially, is showing its effect today. School children fucking in schools after class hours and not just that, releasing recordings of that.!! Damn you all. There is no point blaming those kids. Its all the society's fault. Had you just mentioned it as a natural process, you wouldn't have seen your son/daughter doing "non-societal" things on tape.
Well, coming back to the god-damned god, its high time you religious fanatics keep your god in your hearts or minds or whereever you please. But do not drag him onto roads, do not shout out his name over microphones, do not fight over religion, do not kill for religion. And most importantly do not kill in the name of god. Let humanity and your better sense prevail over your godly madness.

Let there be peace!! \m/